From zero to hardware.

The last time I posted on here I was living in a different city, San Francisco. I was running a different company, Mobcart. And that company was in a drastically different market, wholesale consumer products than what I find myself today in- fashion-tech products.

It has been an amazing few years, and I am honored that all of our previous investors have followed us to this new journey.

While a part of me is sad that we put a pause on our previous endeavor (Mobcart) I am delighted to be focusing all of my time and energy on something so radically new, necessary, and unique. And when I mean radically new, I am not exaggerating. As the CTO in this new endeavor 90% of the time I am working with our team and advisors to formulate brand new technology, often from scratch. We have no venerated competitors of eons past to study or replicate. Thus its the thrill of a lifetime.

Formulating something from scratch is a very important part of my personal understanding of what creating a lot of value in a small amount of time is all about. The recipe for value creation, in my opinion, is quite simple:

  1. Do something radically different but sorely needed, in other words people want to pay for it.
  2. If its unique enough you (and your team) will eventually become THE world experts in the area, and thus you will create a competitive advantage in the market.
  3. Monetize on your knowledge as quickly as you can, which in my case is building and selling more physical products.
  4. Repeat by going deeper (or horizontally) into the original premise of what you are solving. Now that you are THE expert, build on that.

I am obsessed with this formula. Partly because I have an Economists mindset. But mostly because like the vast majority of humanity I’m not obscenely good at any one thing. By virtually compressing time and space and aiming to be the best at a single thing, a new thing, I can create value at a faster rate than usual.

Sharing in more detail how I go about this entrepreneurial journey is one of my small goals. It’s a personal goal focused on more effectively organizing my collective knowledge, and if the musings can help others I will be eternally delighted.Image