Clean and simple design is always key.

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Today it is with much happiness that we launch our re-focus on design with a new landing page for all mobs. The design is cleaner, sharper, and to us just plain nice to look at!

When we set out to build what today is called mobcart we had far more questions than answers. It was not even called mobcart. And I did not know half of the amazing individuals that make up our team. There was one thing however that we knew right from the start and have tried our hardest never to sacrifice- delight. Delight is a pretty common theme in the most successful startups because it is not a goal but a frame of thinking, a way of analyzing options and creating a product compass that transcends cost, time, energy.

Small but tedious and time-consuming details like beautiful design are a must if you want anyone to believe in what you have to offer, it is the way to initiate or re-enforce what should be a beautiful relationship between your firm and those you serve.

To find out more about mobacart, visit and checkout our new design below! 🙂


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