Something really crazy happened that day.

Something really crazy happened this day, and I had heard about it but had never seen it. Its amazing to think that it was so revolutionary that an entire concert hall of grown adults erupted in laughter, amazement, and un-stoppable clapping.

Today whenever I see Apple doing a presentation of a new iSomething… i’m always amazed at how utterly enthusiastic the audience is. Job’s says “oh and it comes with a microphone”… and people erupt in clapping and “woohoo”. It’s rather childish in my opinion to react like that. But, the way that people react in this video is by far something different, its not an apple fanboi kind of reaction, its a deep human WOW kind of reaction.

If you have ever wanted to see the original 1984 Apple Macintosh introduction, here it is! (

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